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Service Descriptions, Gift Certificates and Pricing

Sha-Ba's Certified Massage Therapists are trained in both Western and Eastern massage techniques. We select the techniques most appropriate to your needs, often combining techniques to provide you with the best match for your body's needs. Brief descriptions follow to better understand the techniques we use and the services we offer.

Monday-Friday 10 am – 8 pm
Saturday 11 am – 4 pm

Sha-Ba periodically offers specials for healthcare providers and students with a current ID. Call for more information.
We offer massage during pregnancy. Call for more information.

Thai Massage

Thai massage has been practiced since the time of the Buddha and has been growing in popularity in the West since the 1990's. Importance is placed upon the benefits of mind, body and spirit working in harmony.

Thai massage is different from the massage techniques familiar to most U.S. clients. During Thai massage, you remain clothed (wear loose, comfortable clothing to your session) and your body is more active. Your massage therapist will work with you as you lie or sit on a mat on the floor.

Your session will include assisted yoga-like postures which help the muscles stretch and tone. Your practitioner uses her own body and feet to help you hold beneficial positions.

Thai Massage

Deep pressure is applied to various points on your body from the massage therapist's palms, elbows, thumbs and other parts of her body.

Rhythmic pressure, stretching and rocking help to loosen and tone muscles and open up the flow of energy throughout the body.

60 minutes – $75
90 minutes – $99
60 minutes – $165 Couple


Tui-Na (Chinese Therapeutic Massage)

Tui-Na (Chinese Therapeutic Massage) utilizes understanding of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Meridian System and has been taught and practiced in China for approximately 2,500 years. The practitioner may brush, knead, and using fisted hands, roll the areas between the joints to get the Chi (energy) moving in your body's meridians and the muscles.

Your massage therapist will use acupressure at certain points on the body and/or foot reflexology to stimulate the flow of chi, and promote the health of the organs associated with those points. Rhythmic grasping and rolling motions along the spine and down the limbs are a favorite part of the Tui-Na massage for many of our clients.

Tui-Na techniques may be combined with other massage techniques for stretching, elongating and relaxing the muscles.

60 minutes – $75
90 minutes – $99
60 minutes – $165 Couple

Swedish ("Classic") Massage

Swedish massage is typified by the use of oil on the body and the use of long, flowing massage strokes. Swedish massage has long been used around the world for reducing pain, joint stiffness, and improving ease of movement.

Two Massage Tables set up for Couples Massage

There are five basic strokes used in this style of massage; sliding or gliding, kneading, rhythmic tapping, friction (cross fiber movements) and gentle rocking/vibration. Swedish massage is most often associated with stress-reduction and the release of body tension.

30 minutes – $50
60 minutes – $75
90 minutes – $99
60 minutes – $165 Couple

Therapuetic and Relaxation Massage

Therapuetic massage provides you with the a relaxing massage that also delivers the wellness promoting benefits of a variety of massage techniques to treat your body to exactly what it is needing most. Our experienced massage therapists employ a combination of treatments selecting those that meet your body's specific needs. Therapuetic Massage is widely recognized by the medical profession as assisting with stress reduction, lowering pain and improving flexibility and circulation among other health benefits.

30 minutes – $55
60 minutes – $85
90 minutes – $110
60 minutes – $190 Couple

Aromatherapy Massage

Essential Oil Therapy

Enjoy your massage with the added benefit of Young Living Natural Essential Oils Aromatherapy. Your massage therapist will talk with you to help you make an Essential Oil selection well suited to your current needs. You will be able to smell the fragrance and get recommendations at the time of your appointment.

60 minutes – $85
90 minutes – $110

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Therapy

Massage with the application of sterilized and heated smooth hot stones can be very soothing. Basalt stones are heated in 120-150 degree water and applied to several locations on the body and/or may be used by the therapist with stretching strokes aimed at relaxation of the muscles. The heat from the stones aids muscle relaxation. With muscles relaxing more quickly and completely, your massage therapist can work more deeply.

60 minutes – $90
90 minutes – $114
60 minutes – $185 Couple

Sha-Ba Neck Relief Massage

Neck Massage

Many of our clients call us because they are experiencing neck stiffness from hours spent in front of a computer or resulting from a car accident. Some are experiencing associated headaches and tension in the jaw. For those who want to focus their massage session on these chronic and painful conditions, we have introduced every computer user's dream – The Sha-Ba Neck Relief Massage.

We will use a variety of massage techniques on your neck, scalp, face and shoulders – helping to release muscle tension and tightness. Give us 40 minutes and we will do our best to send you back out into the world with some relief from your "pain in the neck."

40 minutes – $55 Individual

Sport Massage

Athletes, whether student, weekend or professional, can be hard on their bodies. To prepare your body for activity, a regimen of stretching and massage can be beneficial. And if you have suffered an injury, massage can assist your body's healing process and decrease the likelihood of re-injury.

Sports massage

We will work with you to custom-tailor a single massage, or a multi-massage program, based on your sport or activity and your general level of fitness – with special attention to any areas of your body that may be stressed or injured.

30 minutes – $50
60 minutes – $75

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology techniques are often used during your whole body massage at Sha-Ba Wellness & Spa, or you can schedule an appointment for Foot Reflexology only. Chinese Foot Reflexology involves acupressure or the stimulation of various points on the feet, which Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches correspond with various organs in the body. Foot Reflexology has been used for 5,000 years in China to address many health conditions including asthma and sinus problems, arthritis, poor circulation, digestive concerns, relief of tension and headaches, sleep disturbances, detoxification of the body.

60 minutes – $75 Individual

Ion Foot Bath

Sha-Ba is now offering the very popular Ion Foot Bath treatment, widely used for detoxification of the body. During your treatment, your feet are submerged in tap water with a little added salt. A low level electrical current is generated (you wear a grounding wristband) by a specialized device submerged in the water with your feet. Device manufacturers state that the change in ionization prompts your body to release toxins through the soles of the feet.

30 minutes – $50 Individual

Chair Massage

Want to treat your employees to a special thank you? Have a group gathering coming up? Holding a charity benefit? There are many reasons to schedule Sha-Ba Wellness & Spa to provide chair massages at your next event!

We will provide a massage therapist (or more than one if your group size requires) for your event and typically we offer 10 or 15 minutes massages for a fixed dollar amount per minute, with pricing based on the number of attendees you expect at your event and the duration of the event.

Chair massages are particularly popular for charity benefits, health fairs and trade shows and employee recognition events.

Call for more information and to request pricing.

Massage Oil and Hot Stones

Add to Enhance Your Massage

For added relaxation and benefit, you may add one or both of the following enhancements to any of the massages described in the listing of services above.

Young Living Natural Essential Oil Aromatherapy – $10
Hot Stone Therapy – $15

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