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About Us

TANATNAN CHAIPANG, Owner and Massage Therapist


My Background

Hello, I am Tanatnan. I grew up in a small village in the mountains of Thailand. My grandmother was born in China and later moved to Thailand. She was a Master Massage Therapist and the healer and midwife in the village where I grew up. My grandfather would assist at times by making splints from bamboo to set broken bones.

My grandparents were never paid with money. Money wasn’t required in village life. Those helped by my grandparents provided goods or services in exchange. Growing up in this community, where my family devoted their lives serving others and where members of my village took care of one another made an impression on me about how gratifying the work of helping others can be.

My Early Education and Work Experience

When I was 15, I moved from my rural village to Bangkok to attend high school, and when I graduated from high school I attended Ramkumhang University, also in Bangkok. After two years at the University, and with money running short, I chose to leave school to work. I was hired by ELCA Thailand Limited.

ELCA Thailand is the largest company in Thailand and operates as a subsidiary of the Estee Lauder Companies Inc. I worked in the Clinique Division of ELCA Thailand for the next six years. I trained extensively during my time there and worked in sales and as a beauty consultant, developing expertise in customer service, skin care and make-up artistry. During my employment with ELCA Thailand, I won the Best Services and Sales Award for all of Thailand.

Time Out to Set a New Direction

I enjoyed my work at ELCA, however I decided to spend some time thinking about the direction I wanted to take my life and career in next. So I left my job, sold my house, and taking only a backpack with me, traveled for two years, visiting several countries. It was a great experience and gave me time to determine that serving others through working in health services would be a rewarding professional path for me. When I returned to Thailand, I took a job at Oasis Health Club and Spa in Bangkok where I worked for two years as a Spa and Fitness Membership Consultant.


I am now perusing my yoga teacher career and will add the service soon.

Massage Therapy Training and Experience

When I arrived in Madison in 2006, I also began professional massage therapy training at East-West Healing Arts Institute. I received training in many massage therapy techniques and was certified as a Massage Therapist upon graduation in 2007. Afterward, I took time out from my University studies to return to Thailand for six months to obtain my training and certification in Thai Massage. When I returned to Madison, I completed the Odyssey Program and worked in a local healthcare facility and later in the largest spa in the area. In 2012, I was finally able to realize my dream of opening Sha-Ba Massage, LLC.

The Healing Benefits of Body Work

During my time at UW Madison, I was involved in a car accident and sustained several painful injuries. I experienced first hand how valuable therapeutic bodywork is for pain-management, for more rapid and proper healing and for the ability to live life as fully as possible. My own experience has helped me bring greater sensitivity to working with clients who are experiencing pain or are recovering from injuries.

Ongoing Training

I plan to continue my training so that I can bring new expertise and services to Sha-Ba Massage, LLC over time – beginning with nutrition. I will soon be returning to school to study nutrition. I strive to have an understanding of not only using massage therapy to assist the body to function well, heal and thrive, but also be able to help clients learn and use diet and nutrition as an integral part of an overall health and wellness plan.

My Commitment to You

Long before I opened Sha-Ba Massage, LLC, I promised myself that I would use my training and continue my family’s legacy of serving the hard working, by providing quality bodywork in Madison. During the time I worked in healthcare, I was impressed by how demanding healthcare careers are and how very hard healthcare providers work. And having been a student for years, I am also aware of how stressful being a student is and how taxing it is on the body. I want to provide healthcare providers a place where they can receive the kind of care they provide to others. I want to provide students with a place to de-stress.

And for all who work hard, who struggle with health issues or are who are simply committed to staying healthy – Sha-Ba Massage, LLC is committed to serving you!